"Virtual midwife" consultations

Our experience of pregnancy, our desires for birth and our process for becoming parents is unique. It's anything but one-size-fits all! Teaching Hypnobirthing classes, hospital-based childbirth classes, prenatal yoga classes and couples workshops over the past 10 years taught me that fundamentally, men and women are searching for confidence and ways to trust their intuition during this transformative time in life! Understanding the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of childbirth and parenting helps our confidence soar ... yes, even when you are face-to-face with the unknown! Some parents are giving birth for the first time. Others may be pregant for the second or tenth time and may want to explore past pregnancies and birthing experiences in order to open possibilities for the next experience. If you live in a corner of the globe where birth prep classes are hard to find, or you simply prefer a one-on-one approach with a qualified midwife, then let's talk about setting up interactive sessions via Skype or Face Time. My deepest desire is for you to (re)discover your intuition and apply what you already know about yourself to navigate your birth and parenting experience with as much curiosity, awareness, wisdom, and love as possible!  

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage focuses on the special needs of a woman as her body experiences dramatic hormonal and physical changes. 60 minute sessions can help reduce the discomfort of muscles and joints strained during pregnancy, improve circulation and edema, relieve mental and physical fatigue, and enhance the "mind-body-baby" connection.

Infant Massage

This private session provide step-by-step instructions for massage that can strengthen bonds between parents and infants, help infants relax, sleep better, and cry less. 

Massage and Labor Support for Partners

This session is for women and her labor support person (husband, partner, doula, mother, friend). Includes individual instruction on massage and comfort measures and mind-body techniques for pregnancy, labor, and parenting. By practicing positions using a birth ball, pillows, and chairs, and by learning how to simply train your mind to be focused, calm, and attentive, you will be ready for your unique experience of birth. Session includes hand-outs and can be customized to fit your specific needs. You will get more from this session than most childbirth education classes offer on the topic.

Prenatal and Postpartum Support

These services provide women and her labor support person with emotional, informational, and physical support prentally and postpartum. These services can include:

• Prenatal visits could cover: optimal nutrition and exercise for you, physical and emotional wellness, hypnosis for birth, communicating with your partner and birth team (doctors, midwives, doulas, family), relaxation techniques, prenatal parenting and bonding, and encouragement for how you want to birth.
• Postnatal visits would extend holistic support during the the "fourth trimester" for the motherbaby dyad and family to adapt to the new reality of having being born to each other. Together, we will monitor breastfeeding, discover your baby's cues, practice baby massage, and acknowledge your fears, feelings, challenges and dreams. You've had your baby! And there is nothing in the world like having loving support postpartum.